Don't be fooled by cheap quotes. Hair and makeup should not be something you do 'on the cheap'. You may find that these 'suppliers' lack experience, qualifications, don't practice hygienic services, don't use top quality products, can't work efficiently to a timeline, don't provide longwearing makeup or styling, may not be insured or simply take a bloody long time and make you late! If you go by just their photos, you have no idea whether they were 'edited' nor how long it took them to achieve, and whether it flopped or melted away within a couple of hours. You need to read their reviews, get word of mouth experience, speak to your photographer and ask if they've heard of them and are they any good? Most importantly, if you do decide to trial them, do it now, don't wait until a month before your wedding. If you find you don't like their work or even their personality, manner of service or lack of communication, then you're going to be in a right mess. Trying to find staff that last minute will be highly stressful and limited to the industry 'left overs'. Do your homework, work with a budget yes, but if necessary, cut corners somewhere else. Some things are just too important. The bride's beauty is just that. While we may not be the 'cheapest' we are actually considered average in this industry. We offer excellent rates for the quality of workmanship, professionalism, years of experience, and the many awards we've won. If you want to get a quote for your wedding, email us on and see for yourself! #badmakeup #ruinweddingday #cheapischeap #trustprofessionalhmua