We are a little different to others in the wedding industry as we do not have a “one price fits all” system. All weddings are rarely the same, so we prefer to give you a personalised quote based on your individual requirements and budget. This way we can then assure you of a realistic, competitive and affordable quote.

Prices vary according to

  • We offer 3 package deals; Silver, Gold and Platinum to ensure there’s something for everyone and their budgets
  • We are mobile to you for one person only OR any size party
  • We offer discounts for Midweek weddings (excluding Public Holidays)
  • Where you are getting ready on the Wedding Day.
  • We do not charge a travel fee to Melbourne Metro areas.
  • A small fee may be charged for some areas outside the Metro area.
  • When your wedding is
  • Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Easter Day, Public Holidays – extra charges apply
  • Special Discounted prices for Winter Weddings in June and July.
  • Early start fees apply if the artist needs to start at or before 6.30am.
  • Hair prices depend on the length of hair, the style chosen and the time it takes to do. Some styles take 20 minutes while others take longer than an hour, so it makes sense not to charge someone with short hair the same price as someone who has hair to her waist.


If you would like to discuss prices for your wedding day, please call our office on 03 9846 5298 or get in touch using our contact form.

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