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Yet again Magical Makeovers was asked to participate in another season of Married at first sight and what an exciting time we had! We loved working with Roni and Zoe from Season 1 and couldn’t wait to meet the next two Melbourne brides getting married to a complete stranger!


So many people ask us what this show is all about, and we tell them it’s eight singles being matched based on science by professional psychologists. Three different professionals conduct a very extensive process of tests and questions to find the perfect match for their participants. This year, we were delighted to have Kerrie-Anne look after Erin’s hairstyling and Yeliz after her makeup.

IMG-20151105-WA0004Erin was very nervous ,as you’d expect for any bride, but naturally amplified 100% by the fact that she hadn’t met her husband to be! She asked Yeliz and Kerrie-Anne is there anything that they can do as ‘she looked like a foot’ and they needed to work their magic! Kerrie-Anne assured her that we would make her look beautiful! And that’s exactly what they did! Yeliz also pre-based Erin’s skin with a green base to counteract the growing redness and patches that were appearing on her face, neck and chest. This is a very common occurrence with many of our brides, but we can completely cover it. Erin asked Yeliz, “I want drag queen-esque foundation, fairly heavy” Yeliz did so ,but very artfully so it didn’t look too heavy and gave her the reassurance of coverage. Many of our brides request this, and it’s all in the art of blending. We knew Erin would be stressing for several hours and needed to be confident her makeup would last.

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Once we had finished her makeup and hair, she dressed in her beautiful gown by Judith Valente Bridal. She discussed with everyone how she was imagining a sophisticated, modern wedding in the centre of Melbourne. When her flowers arrived from Ambrosia Floral Designs, they were absolutely stunning. Romantically vintage in style, and extremely popular with many brides, it was Erin’s first glimpse of the style of her wedding.


Upon arriving at the venue (in cars by Enrik Limousines her surprise continued; Overnewton Castle is an 1849 historical homestead set on five acres of beautiful gardens. ICON_PHOTOGRAPHY_MELBOURNE_MARRIED_AT_FIRST_SIGHT03It didn’t take long before she saw what an amazing venue it was and how stunning it would be for a wedding. Like many brides, she had expectations of her wedding day and was happily surprised and completely overwhelmed by the beauty and history of the venue. We took her into a bridal suite to touch up her makeup and hair. In true Melbourne style we experienced a huge storm that afternoon with torrential rain and wind and we felt she would want to look her best before she met Bryce. Nerves had definitely set in and she was starting to doubt the decision to do this , which was only natural.

mafs season 2 -Her flowers and venue while absolutely beautiful, were different from what she had envisaged, perhaps so was her husband to be? Well on this score, the professionals got it right! He was a lovely guy, calm and sweet, a perfect match for her. We could see why he was chosen for her. After the ceremony she was in his arms very easily being photographed by Icon photography who captured these beautiful shots of the couple.

We were thrilled to be a part of this exciting day with Erin and Bryce, and watch the show with great excitement to see if they (like our bride Zoe and groom Alex last year) will be a perfect match also! Don’t forget to tune in on Monday and Tuesday nights to follow their story – 7.30pm Channel 9!ICON_PHOTOGRAPHY_MELBOURNE_MARRIED_AT_FIRST_SIGHT12ICON_PHOTOGRAPHY_MELBOURNE_MARRIED_AT_FIRST_SIGHT05ICON_PHOTOGRAPHY_MELBOURNE_MARRIED_AT_FIRST_SIGHT15