Trials, trials, trials. What is a trial? What does this service that we offer actually mean? It means that we explore your styling for your wedding day. We find your wedding day look for you that encompasses your vision, the artist/hairdressers experience and guidance to give you the perfect outcome for you. We bring out the best version of yourself! Now this trial takes time and it is 100% focused on your wedding day look, the colour palette, the season, the style of dress and theme. Trials can be booked any time prior to the wedding day (except Saturday mornings). They are 35% cheaper than our regular rate because of the nature of them; to design your bridal look. That should be your goal. If you want a trial booking to ‘use’ for a special occasion, we don’t style to match that dress or suit that event, we do a bridal look. This may then be seen by everyone at your event and spoil the surprise for your wedding day, particularly if it hits social media. Brides requesting trials for an occasion usually say they want to see how well it lasts. Although, this can be achieved whether you are at an event or just out to dinner with your fiancé. Plan a date night! Or if you want to surprise him too, then hit the town with your bridesmaids!
As you can imagine, the most popular date requested for trials is on a Saturday. We understand that brides desire to ‘take advantage of their makeover’ for a special event, but also keep in mind, we may need to move the time, or date if the wedding that we are caring for that morning may change their ready by time, location, or add extra people. The bride on the day may even need help dressing, require us to be in their photographs or simply toast to the occasion with her. She is our NO. 1 priority for the day. IT’s HER DAY.
• We will not be dashing off and or rushing her to get to a trial.
• We will not make her feel like she’s not important to us because we must get to a trial.
• We will not undermine our commitment to her big day because we need to get to a trial.
We will honour your day with as much zeal. We don’t do trials before a wedding for the same reason, we need to ensure that we are punctual on the bride’s day, and can’t run the risk of the trial running over time and impacting our bride on her Wedding day.
Trials are flexible appointments and 95% of the time we won’t need to adjust the booking time or date. But recently, with the swarm of brides insisting their trial be on a special event, we run the risk that they will be disappointed if we are running late (reasons above) or have no choice but to reschedule the trial if the stylist is sick, is having car trouble, injured or even impeded by acts of God! We are human after all!
If you wish to trial on a very important occasion, then book as a ‘SPECIAL EVENT’ at our regular rates and therefore your name will be logged in our register and a backup artist is assigned. This way you won’t be left in the lurch and will have your event covered no matter what. We offer 99.99% cover for our wedding bookings and special events. NO OTHER BUSINESS IN AUSTRALIA CAN DO THIS. We have 54 staff, which gives us confidence that we can cover your wedding day/special event emergencies. We don’t cover trial bookings because they can be any time prior to your day. NB: Special Event bookings may not be the same staff that would be available for your wedding day.
You may be thinking, gosh it’s not 100%! I would wager that no other supplier in the entire wedding industry can guarantee higher. If a single operator is sick, what then? If a small team are heavily booked and one falls sick, what then? With a team of 54, you know we’ve got the staff to protect your booking. Trust me when I say this, you’re in good hands.
We honestly offer the best possible service we can, and as the Owner and Agent, I choose (or you can) the best person to suit you for your styling requirements. To be forced to choose staff that are simply available on your ‘must have’ trial date as well as your wedding day limits who I can assign. Therefore, you may be unhappy with your trial outcome. This has happened before and I am telling you, this can be avoided. Let me look after you. Let me be your invisible bridesmaid. Trust me, I want the best outcome for you for your trial and wedding day just as much as you do.